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**Attention CURRENT CLIENTS: Due to CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19, face-to-face sessions at our office, church, and school locations have been temporarily suspended. Your sessions will be transferred to a user-friendly Telehealth platform. Your counselor will be contacting you to provide instructions.

**Attention NEW CLIENTS receiving Telehealth services. First, please call the office to schedule an appointment. Prior to your first Telehealth appointment with your counselor, you will need to email your completed paperwork to our Office Manager at lbeddingfield@summitwellnesscenters.com. Go to the “Opening Paperwork” tab here on our website, click on your counselor’s name, and download their paperwork. Make sure that you have signed and completed the packet in its entirety. You will also have to attach a copy of your driver’s license, as well as both sides of your insurance card. Due to ethics requirements, we cannot provide services without completed paperwork and required signatures. If we do not receive your paperwork at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, we will have to cancel and reschedule. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we seek to continue to provide services during this unprecedented time.

Which Telehealth platform is my counselor using?

  • Donna Gibbs: C3Now if client does not have a Gmail account, Google Meet if client has a Gmail account
  • Kevin Wimbish: C3Now if client does not have a Gmail account, Google Meet if client has a Gmail account
  • Pam Nettles: C3Now
  • Ashleigh Beason: Google Meet
  • Lori Heagney: Google Meet
  • Jess Hatton: Google Meet
  • Boone Leigh: Google Meet

Telehealth, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:


  1. Contact your insurance company to verify coverage of Telehealth for your benefit plan.
  2. Contact our office to confirm your appointment via Telehealth.
  3. Click below to access the instructions.

Who We Are

Summit Wellness Centers, PLLC has grown out of two thriving organizations (A Clear Word Counseling Center and Family Life Coach) who desire to do even more to meet the growing needs of our community.

Our team is committed to being theologically sound and clinically sharp. In our postmodern society, where there is no baseline of truth, and therefore reality, we believe an anchor is foundational to psychological health.  Our philosophical anchor is the Christian faith and scriptures.  This is the primary lens through which we see.  We are also all state licensed and clinically trained.  As such, we are well equipped and love working with individuals from all faith and philosophical perspectives.

We provide counseling in Asheville, Hendersonville, Flat Rock, and Brevard, for individuals, couples, and families seeking to move to next level of personal & relational development.  We are in network with multiple insurance providers.


For individuals wrestling with anxiety, eating disorders, depression, life transition struggles, sexual compulsions, and anger problems, we are here to help.


We work with couples concerning communication & conflict resolution needs, stepfamily dynamics, marital infidelity, and provide premarital counseling.


Need help with navigating the teen years, blended family dynamics, the adjustments that come with young children, young adults struggling with launching, or adults seeking to help their aged parents?  We can help.

Counselor Rotations

  • Ashleigh Beason: Tuesday & Thursday at Ebenezer; Wednesday & Friday: Henderson County Schools rotations
  • Donna Gibbs: Monday – Friday at Ebenezer
  • Jess Hatton: Tuesday and Thursday at Arden First Baptist Church
  • Lori Heagney: M – W at Ebenezer; Thursday at Brevard Community
  • Boone Leigh: M – W at Ebenezer; Thursday at Asheville
  • Pam Nettles: Monday – Friday at Arden First Baptist
  • Kevin Wimbish: M, T, F at Asheville; W & R morning at Ebenezer; W afternoon at Arden First Baptist Church


[Counselor] has been a great asset to navigating the issues that arise in both my personal and professional life. He is able to quickly decipher complicated emotional situations. He then offers concrete steps to begin healing and ultimately using past troubles as a platform for flourishing. – Young professional

“Thank you for offering this service to the community! It is needed, and a blessing.”

“Since I have been seeing my counselor, I have been able to open up and trust people in a way I never have before. All of the staff are excellent examples of how Christians should be. I watch them do their job, always with a smile and a great attitude. I want to be like that too.”

My wife and I have been doing much better since we started seeing [Counselor].  He gives us some homework to do and it really seems to help.  He’s very nice to talk to and very understanding. – Husband

“My counselor has not only helped me deal with my depression medically (through therapy), but has also encouraged me spiritually (spiritual therapy, I’ll call it) to pray and to thank God for what He will do for me and how He is able to heal me and provide for me. Although I still struggle with bouts of depression, the severity of the lows are much less, and I am confident they will continue to be less impactful to me going forward.”

“My counselor is great to be with. She gives me much needed feedback. I’ve previously been in therapy off and on for many years, but never before received/understood the tools I needed to effect change”.