How to Silence Your Insecurities… and Take Your Life Back!

by Donna Gibbs

If you’re like most of us, you struggle. You wrestle at times with thoughts that you aren’t good enough. That you don’t measure up. That you aren’t attractive enough… or successful enough… or spiritual enough… or popular enough. The more you contemplate your inadequacies, the more you struggle. A quick trip to the mall, to the virtual reality of social media, or even a church campus, gives you more evidence that you aren’t enough. Enough already!

Satan has a crack in the door. And He is determined to shove it wide open!

Mental stability hinges on the accuracy and consistency of our thoughts. And when we are wrestling with insecurity, our thoughts are anything but truthful and stable. Destructive thoughts are propelled by comparisons. Comparisons rarely result in an appreciation of ourselves or others. Instead, they scream an exaggerated conclusion regarding weaknesses. Either we don’t measure up. Or in our arrogance, the person who is the object of our comparison fails to measure up. The enemy, who can’t steal our worth, steals our perception of our worth. 

Satan is a vicious thief who robs us through an illusion. 

But since perception is reality, the illusion still has the power to create an enormous amount of mental turmoil.

I believe Satan is less interested in the mental anguish that our insecurities bring, and more interested in the cascade of messes that result from that mental anguish. You see, our thoughts lead to our emotions. And our emotions lead to our behaviors. With that said, you can imagine the impact of an unstable foundation of misguided thoughts regarding ourselves. The battle for our significance is a nasty war, and the enemy has no concern about how messy it becomes. The unnecessary cascade of problems wreaks havoc on our emotions, our relationships, and even our life development. Our toxic conclusions about ourselves bleed toxicity into every part of our lives. 

If you have ever struggled with feeling that you didn’t measure up, you understand the resulting toxicity that I am referring to. Your emotions have suffered a beating. And perhaps your relationships have as well. 

The enemy intends that insecurity touch every part of your life. 



It’s time you take your life back. 

But you’ll have to leave those insecurities behind. And you won’t be able to relinquish those destructive conclusions until you embrace truthful conclusions. 

Friends, Jesus was bold and unapologetic about defining Himself. When questioned or falsely accused, He firmly declared that He was the “I Am” or “The Son of Man” or “The Light of the World”. Jesus didn’t allow anyone, or anything, to define Him. He boldly refuted and boldly corrected false attacks regarding His identity.

No one defined Jesus. Jesus defined Himself. 

And He longs to define you.

Let Him in. He has something to say. Something powerfully truthful. And His healing words will rescue your identity, free you from insecurities, and release you from the false illusion of inadequacies that have plagued every aspect of your life!

Let’s get this rescue mission started!

Need some help? That’s what Silencing Insecurities is designed to do! I’ll consider it a privilege to join you in your journey of believing God’s truth about you!



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